Paul Pennant
Founder - Today's PA, Certified Microsoft Trainer

Microsoft Outlook is now a mature and fully-fledged assistant for you. Learning to exploit its capabilities will help you make the most of your time, stay organised, simplify and automate office tasks that until now have been tediously manual. Knowing the right functions and tricks can save you up to 90 minutes a day. That’s 7.5 hours a week given back to you to do other things 🤸🏾‍♀️🛀🏾💃🏾🐕‍🦺🛌🏾🧘🏾‍♂️📚

Microsoft Office Certified Expert Paul will show you:
• How to use Outlook Categories in ways you never dreamed of
• Manage your and your manager’s projects with the Tasks function
• Complex scheduling with your Outlook Calendar
• Creating perfect Contacts in Outlook with one click
• Creating email templates in seconds
• Sending out personalised emails through mail merge

Marian Knopp
Founder - Workflow Wonder

Stop living in your email inbox and start getting things done! In this workshop, you'll learn how to get to Gmail inbox zero efficiently and effectively. Marian will demonstrate the workflow you can use to reach inbox zero every time, and you'll discover how to optimize Gmail settings for productivity, and learn the tips and tricks that will help you get in, out, and on your way to getting other things done!

You will learn:
• Optimize settings for productivity
• Adjust workflow for getting to inbox zero quickly
• Learn keyboard shortcuts

Paul Pennant
Founder - Today's PA, Certified Microsoft Trainer

To be able to stay agile and competitive in today’s climate, you must possess the ability to easily communicate and collaborate virtually in real-time. Microsoft Teams is the ultimate communication and collaboration platform that brings together the best of Office 365 into a single workspace for collaborating with people, managing conversations, maintaining files so everyone has instant access to everything they need.

Microsoft Office Certified Expert Paul will show you the top tips in:
• Creating, joining and editing Teams and members
• Using text chats and channels, sharing files and taking notes
• Adding Wikis, Tabs and Apps
• Using Search and Command functions
• Using Breakout Rooms
• Managing your private Teams conversations

Dawn Monroe
Dawn Monroe
Microsoft Office Specialist Master

Building ongoing touchpoints with your clients and customers can be overwhelming. Software tools with automations are becoming more popular to send newsletters, updates and sales offers via email campaigns. Jump onboard this tour of the Mailchimp program to learn the basics of email marketing. Learn about Subscribers, Audiences, Tags and Campaigns to leverage your network and reach targeted communities within your audience. You will learn:

• Acknowledge Email Subscriber Regulations
• Import & Manage Your Audience
• Create & Apply Tags
• Understand Segments
• Build an Email Campaign
• Explore Advanced Features

Cathy Thomas
YouTuber, Founder & CEO of an online technology company

This session is geared to helping the self-taught user how to find the best features that will enhance their skills in MS Word. Be prepared to delve into to timesaving tips and techniques and discover features to eliminate tedious tasks.

You will learn to:
• Set new defaults for fonts and paragraph settings
• Create, edit, save, and print documents
• Format text and to use styles
• Add a header and footer to a document

Fei Wu
Podcaster, Creator or Feisworld Media

A comprehensive and complete how-to course for Zoom meetings, webinars and moderation. Led by Fei Wu, Feisworld Media's Zoom and Zoom Webinar tutorials on YouTube remain in the top search results. They have received over a million views. This course helps compile, consolidate all Fei’s teaching in one place for individuals, companies and agencies to easily share with others for all their virtual meeting needs. You will learn:

• Create highly engaging and effective virtual meetings and webinars
• Make a lasting impression in anyone who comes across their brand
• Feel more confident as a leader, content creator, moderator in future virtual meetings big or small

Caroline Wylie
Founder - The Society of Virtual Assistants, Blockchain Enthusiast

Everyone has heard of Bitcoin, but few know that the tech that powers it, blockchain technology, does more than run digital currencies. It acts as an indisputable ledger of value – allowing it to be used to trigger clauses in contracts, action service contracts, transfer property titles, pay bills, drive cars, switch providers… But what does that mean in practical terms? Less accountants? Less lawyers? More automated systems? Caroline Wylie, virtual assistant entrepreneur guides you through some practical uses being utilised right now, and what this means for the admin industry in the future. You will learn:

• What is a blockchain
• Real world uses for blockchain tech
• Issues with blockchain tech

Cara Birkett
Founder - Miss B VA

Most people think PowerPoint is old fashioned and boring - but it’s a fantastic platform! It’s easy to use, and following certain patterns and thinking in a certain way will help you to become fearless in using the program. Starting with, and mastering the basics (which is key), you will move through to animation and transitions and finish with some of the more advanced options such as video creation.

Learning outcomes:
• Feel more confident and create sleek and gorgeous presentations
• Learn the tricks to use to capture and impress your audience
• Learn the short-cuts that will help reduce the amount of time you spent on PowerPoint

Paul Pennant
Founder - Today's PA, Certified Microsoft Trainer

With Microsoft Forms, you can create surveys, quizzes, and polls, and easily see results as they come in. When you create a quiz or form, you can invite others to respond using any web browser. For Office 365 users, as results are submitted, you can use built-in analytics to evaluate responses. Data, such as survey results, can be easily exported to Excel for additional analysis or grading.
This application can be invaluable to your organisation. Sounds good?

Certified Microsoft Expert Paul Pennant will show you how to:
• Create a basic survey, add different question types—multiple choice, open-ended text, rating and add ranking options
• Create quizzes, add quiz questions, assign point values to questions, and adjust quiz options
• Edit forms, share them with other users, adjust themes, and preview how your form will look on different platforms.
• View and analyse your results

Oz du Soleil
Microsoft Excel MVP

Do you work with split columns of data or need to compare lists? Maybe you have an Excel file with multiple sheets which need to be stacked or consolidated? Excel's Power Query has features that help simplify these tasks - minimizing the errors of copy-paste, and drastically reducing the time spent on this.

In this session you'll learn:
• What Power Query is and how it can help you.
• How to split columns of data
• How to append and consolidate datasets

Paul Pennant
Founder - Today's PA, Certified Microsoft Trainer

OneNote can do anything, honestly! Imagine a Notebook that is 15 notebooks, weighs nothing as it is stored in the Cloud. It is synced simultaneously across whatever device you use. You can add sections, pages, subpages, audio, video, websites, tasks and other programs. If you are not using it yet, you should definitely give it a try!
Bring content and conversations together in a single, portable experience that’s always up to date—perfect for the new hybrid workplace. Certified Microsoft Expert Paul Pennant will guide you through:

• Creating Notebooks and adding content
• Formatting pages
• Viewing and organising information
• Working with tables
• Using writing tools
• Interacting with Outlook
• Sharing Notebooks & collaborating with your colleagues or customers

Gaëlle Constant
Microsoft Excel Expert

A PivotTable is an interactive way to quickly summarize large amounts of data. It's one of the most useful tools within Microsoft Excel. And yet at the same time it causes confusion and anxiety for many. After using Pivot Tables for many years in this session Gaëlle will show you some of basics:

• Why you should use PivotTables
• Structuring your data
• Analyse and design options
• Growing your source data
• Pivot Charts
• Slicers
• And much much more

Andy Gwynn
Business Coach, Speaker & Author

LinkedIn is probably the most underutilised marketing strategy in today’s business world. LinkedIn allows you to easily connect with your ideal prospects, form relationships and develop conversations and sales. All of this without any cold calling! You can also position yourself for people to easily find and contact you. And it’s so simple. If you do it right, it’s never been easier to find, connect and engage with your ideal contacts, whether that’s prospects, customers, investors, or growing your power team… the possibilities are endless!
LinkedIn, social media and the world in general has become noisier than ever. People are being bombarded with connection invites and “crappy sales messages”, especially in the last 2 years. This session will help you understand why you should be using LinkedIn and how to use it in the most professional way. You will learn how to:

· Raise your profile and credibility in this crowded market
· Find and connect with your ideal clients
· Source the best power team members
· Get found, give value, and prove your credibility

Paula Holsberry
Founder - Tessera Virtual Business Solutions

Managing your work should not be rocket science. Nor should it take you hours to learn how to use a tool that is designed to save you time. Asana’s straightforward approach to capturing, organizing, and tracking work as well as communicating about the work right inside the platform will ensure that you, as well as other members of your team, know who is doing what by when. No more balls dropped, no more eternal email threads, no more confusion. Paula will teach you how to set up your Asana organization, adding teams, projects, and tasks. You’ll learn how to use Asana as a communication tool as well as learn best practices for managing all your work in the platform so that you do not spend your valuable time on ‘work about work’. You will leave this session with simple tools for daily success. You will:

• Learn how to set up a simple structure for your work in Asana
• Learn how to capture, organise, and track your work in Asana
• Understand best practices for projects, tasks, and daily work management in Asana

Stephanie Wium
Virtual Assistant, Canva Enthusiast

Become your own expert designer with the free drag and drop design tool called Canva. Whilst design may not be easy, Canva certainly makes it easy for you to design disposable social media designs for yourself. Using this versatile – and constantly expanding tool – you can show up with confidence on social media to entice your audience to click on “see more” to draw them in.
In this session Stephanie will show you just how easy it is to start with a template and how to make it your own. After all, with 65 million users worldwide, we do not show up with templates that the world recognizes as templates. We aim to stand out – ALWAYS! You will learn:

• Set up your own brandkit – even on the free version
• Start your design
• Resize your design